Audience Comments

Sabrina Guara

Penrose, CO

"It's was a kick ass show had a good time! Thanks Sonny G.!"

Estefania Gallardo

Toluca, MX

"....BEST SHOW EVER!!!..."

Bob Sprouse

Newport, VI

"As always, I enjoyed the opportunity to work with you once again. Your talent is only exceeded by your grace and character."

Miguel Ulibarri

Tucson, AZ

"Sonny G.

I have to tell you brotha, this was one of the best shows we have seen in a long time. You are truly one of the greats. thank you for putting on this show on. We will ALWAYS support your show whenever we can. My wife and I will be speechless for a long time. Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!!!"

Michael Bentz

Boulder, CO

"WORLD'S BEST IMPERSONATOR!!!! Had a Fantastic Night with My Beautiful Wife while enjoying your performance! we danced the night away and sang until we lost our voices! We Can't Wait for the Next Show!! Thanks for the Fun Times!"

Phyilis De La Cruz

Chula Vista, CA

​"Cinco de Mayo spending a fun night with girl friends enjoying the talent of Pueblo's own Sonny G. The guys in front of us filmed every song and sang along. Everyone had a blast. The guy next to us girls thought we were having so much fun, he bought us each a beer!"

Angelina Sisneros

Santa Fe, NM

"Absolutely PHENOMENAL Sonny G, this was the best performance I have EVER seen! I wish I could have stayed to meet you! You had me in tears you are so talented.... My god.... I mean, keep it up! I'm stunned! Literally at a loss for words. I just hope you know how much I appreciate you! I'd see your show a million times Thank you Sonny!"

Carlos Dantzler

Colorado Springs, CO

"We were so excited to see the show Saturday. My seven year old son is a die hard fan of Michael Jackson! God bless you as well!! Thank you again!! It was amazing!"

Angela Casados

Pueblo, Colorado

​"I Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing performance last night. My 8 year old daughter loves Michael Jackson and will never have the chance to see him in real life but you made it possible for her to experience his presence on stage! I as well was able to have the same experience but for all the performers! She was so happy she broke out in dance. Thank you for giving her a memory for a lifetime!!"

Janella McDougall Martinez

Dighton, KS

​"Great show at the Salida SteamPlant!! You really rocked the house!! I felt so blessed to meet you this evening! You did an AMAZING job entertaining us all!!! Truly a professional!! I'm a loyal fan!!!"

Tasha Dantzler

Waterloo, IA

​"I Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing performance last night. My 8 year old daughter loves Michael Jackson and will never have the chance to see him in real life but you made it possible for her to experience his presence on stage! I as well was able to have the same experience but for all the performers! She was so happy she broke out in dance. Thank you for giving her a memory for a lifetime!!"

Meliss & Johnny Diane

Salida, CO

​"Awesome! I'll be back again.... and I'll bring Even More friends! You have a loyal fan, your dancing is amazing!!!!"

Montaque Muhammad

Colorado Springs, CO

"Hey Sonny, just wanted to personally thank you and forever dangerous for a great show Saturday. Best Birthday Gift ever. Thanks Again Bro!"

Louise Wilson

Greeley, CO

​"Hey Sonny! THANK YOU FOR SUCH AN AWESOME SHOW! I have Been Waiting ALL YEAR to See Your Performance! We Had an AMAZING time at the Union Colony Civic Center Show. Can't Wait for the Next One!"

John Corliss

Denver, CO

​"SUPER FUN SHOW! So Happy to Have Seen it In Colorado! GO GREELEY!"

Lauren McDonald

FOX21 NEWS Colorado Springs

​"WOW, Your Foot Work is Incredible, I'm Speechless my Friend! Your Tribute Characters Are UNBELIEVABLE! Best Way To Start Your Week!"

Twy Rouse

Parker, CO

"My Co-Worker Told Me About Sonny G. and Then My Sister, Believe Me He is A MUST SEE! We Are Definitely Going Again!"

Loretta Hart Grams

Boulder, CO

"Thank You For Your Wonderful Boulder, CO Show on Mother's Day 2018! My Granddaughter was ENCHANTED! She is 11yrs old, She Said She Loved Meeting You Saturday!" 

Norma Dixon

Evans, CO

​"Very Nice Show! Sonny G. Puts on an AMAZING Performance! Saw it In Greeley, CO Last Year! Bought Tickets for Denver Next Year Already! Can't WAIT!"

Susan Padilla

Parker, CO

"Such an AMAZING Experience Sonny G! Show! THANK YOU SO MUCH for Bringing The King Of Pop Back to Life! A Job Well Done! Keep Bringing Smiles to the World! WE LOVED IT!!"

Phuc Huynh

Thorton, CO

"At the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert! My Little Girl ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! She Danced ALL Night! She is 9yrs Old and Loves MJ! Thanks For Making Her Dreams Come True! Must SEE!"

Marla Ramirez

Canon City, CO

​"YOU HAVE TO SEE HIM PERFORM! This Guy is GREAT! His Bruno Mars is The BEST!"

Lucy & Russ

Arvada, CO

"We Definitely Enjoyed Your Show! We Brought Our Whole Family From Out of Town To The Parker, CO Show and We Couldn't Get Enough of Sonny G.! YOU ROCK!"

Olivia & Arturo Varela

Westminster, CO

"We Saw Your Show In Parker, CO and LOVE IT! It was the First time seeing your show and my son LOVED THE ENTIRE SHOW!"

Tammy Julin

Parker, CO

​"I took my grandson to your Parker, CO Show, IT WAS FANTASTIC!! WE had such a good time! Can't Wait to See you Perform Again!"

Marjorie Zamora

Raton, NM

"We Just Can't Get Over How Incredibly talented you are! You Got The MOVES!! We Will Definitely Go To Another Show!"

Connie Duncan

Raton, NM


Liz Andrade Segura

Raton, NM

​"We Had a Wonderful Weekend! We Attended Both Nights and LOVED Every Minute of Sonny G. This was Our Second Time Seeing Him!"

Liz & Alfred Sanchez

Raton, NM

"We Really Enjoyed The Show in Raton Tonight! You Did an AMAZING JOB! Thanks for the Fun night!"

Brenda Norton Yanni

Loveland, CO

"Had so much fun last night! Got to Meet an Awesome Person and His Dancers, Sonny G, YOU ROCK MAN! Thanks for the awesome experience!! We enjoyed it SOOO Much!"

Bobbie Jo Langmacher

Loveland, CO

​"THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUCH A GREAT NIGHT! You are such an amazing person and a great entertainer! Until We Meet Again, I LOVE YOU MJ!"

Crystal Rivera

Raton, NM

​"I Never got to see Michael Jackson perform Live...SONNY G....THIS...was THE Best Next Thing...and it was on my birthday...You were AMAZING!!! Thanks for visiting our Little Town of Raton, NM! GOD Bless!

Vivian Hyer Meyers

Raton, NM

"We Took Our Granddaughter to see you in Raton, NM. SHE CAN"T STOP TALKING ABOUT YOU!...SHe is only eight years old and LOVED watching your Performance as Michael Jackson! We Are taking her to see you in Albuquerque to see you perform again! Can't Wait!"

Staci Leigh

Salida, CO


Mari Ann Kimpel

Salida, CO

"Such an AMAZING NIGHT!!!!!! Happy 60th Michael Jackson!!!!!!!!" 

Janella Martinez

Salida, CO

"AWESOME SHOW! You are Such an AMAZING Performer!!!" 

Sherri Wyatt

Salida, CO

​"WHAT AN AWESOME SHOW! IT WAS GREAT! You Made my grandson so happy! He dances just like Michael Jackson! He Amazes Me! Thanks for such a GREAT SHOW!" GOD BLESS!"

Apryl Barela

Pueblo, CO

"You Made my Son's Night! I've Been a Fan of MJ since '82 &  I Can't tell you how much joy I got from seeing my Boys Enjoy His Music as well! THANK YOU SONNY G!" 

Veronica Casias

Alamosa, CO


Rebecca Berwick

Colorado Springs, CO

​" My Son and  I Went to your Show This Past Weekend in Colorado Springs, My Son is 21 and He Has Down Syndrome. You May Have Noticed Him dancing off to the right of the stage. Well, He LOVED EVERYTHING about your show! The Thriller Part was his favorite! Thank You for Bringing So Much Joy to His Life! We Can't Wait to See You Again!  

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